Tuesday, 27 April 2010

You are going to squeal over this MTD.....

I did, in the shop, squealed with delight, when I saw these bento goods, it is OK to squeal in shops in Japan, especially if you use the word kawaii (cute) along with the squeal, perfectly acceptable adult behaviour.

Are these balloons or are they mini tomatoes? Seriously,
if you are not squealing, I think you might have a problem, maybe your
kawaii meter has broken!
and little flowers, too cute....
what about these folded brollies, are you dying yet?
parma ham on the bone, these would look great on meat balls
and finally, a strawberry ring

serious cute overload and I am going to need a second drawer to keep all my bento/MTD bits in!
So, here was the finished version....
TOP - pasta, sweet beans, sausage, peas
MIDDLE - balloons,
opps I mean mini tomatoes, raisins and almonds, carrot flowers, parma ham
BOTTOM - pasta, sausage, peas, strawberry rings

and there was NOTHING left, he demolished the lot!
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