Saturday, 5 June 2010

It's all the rage.....

What is? You ask.
Having a little sparkle in your life, just a touch of glimmer, not over the top
full on bling, a subtle shimmer. I have noticed that a lot of the new
fabrics at the moment have this dash of glimmer, it is really
hard to catch on film but all these lovely prints have it and they are
all available in the shop right now.

Pop and Cute, this was one of the first glimmery prints
and cool for boys too, I made Ebi-kun an art apron using this fabric

Another Kokka print, I am a dog girl myself
but I have to admit these kitties are cute.

and well, who doesn't love a punk rock glittery kitty
ermm, actually my mom, but she has no taste hahaha ;o)**
**just kidding mom!

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