Monday, 14 June 2010

themostwonderfullyridiculousyummyscrummy MTD ever!

Ebi-kun and I have just finished reading Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, a favourite kids book of mine and Ebi-kun loved it too. Roald Dahl really was a wonderful storyteller. I wanted to watch the film with Ebi-kun when we had finished the book and thanks to a very kind person on Tell and Sell I managed to get a copy of the old film, the one with Gene Wilder as Wonka. As much as I love Johnny his portrayal of Willy Wonka was just a bit too freaky for my liking.
So, we watched the film in the afternoon then I rustled up this completely over the top MTD. Easy as it would have been to go down to the store and buy a load of revolting coloured foods I preferred to make it fairly healthy using what ever we had in the fridge (which how most of my MTD's are made up!)

 We had zipping zod bangers, super suckers and tiddle widdly plops....

 Yummy scrummydiddlyumptious chocolate and square sweets looking round.....

 and lots of other ridiculously named food....

 and Ebi-kun found it all quite amusing, I also found a Wonka bar hand towel which was rather cute, whilst he was eating we talked about the differences in the book and the film, for instance in the book Veruca Salt gets pushed down the chute by the squirrels in the nut room but in the film they had a golden egg room instead and she ends up down the bad egg chute instead.

So, I suppose you want to know what I was really feeding him...

Starting at the top corner...

  • pasta wheels
  • cucumber and carrot
  • mini sausages wrapper in coloured gel to look like sweeties
  • yoghurt with melon syrup and hundreds and thousands

middle row...

  • sweet potato
  • boiled egg with the Wonka 'W' (used the food colour pens)
  • mini tomatoes
  • daikon flowers with pen swirls

Bottom row....

  • carrots
  • prunes
  • chocolates with sprinkles
  • cheddar cheese with faces.

Doesn't sound as exciting when I list it like that!
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