Wednesday, 7 July 2010

The Montessori Grammar Farm....

We have been working with the grammar farm recently, I briefly mentioned it when I showed you the re-arranged room, it is just there on the shelf.

It was quite fun to make, I started with a large piece of green felt and added a blue patch for a pond and some brown for the ploughed field. For the silo I painted a toilet roll middle and a card cone silver and the barn was a gift box that I picked up in the ¥100 shop. I decided to leave the lid and just painted the barn brown and cut out a door so the animals can go in and out. The best thing is it all packs into the box.

My favourite bit is the scarecrow which is made from a pipe cleaner and dressed in felt clothes and a big wooden bead for his head. I stuck him onto a magnet and stuck another magnet into the ploughed field. I thought Ebi-kun would have plenty of farm animals in his animals box but when we went through them they were either way too big or wild animals so I ended up buying some wooden animals at the ¥100 shop.

We have got as far as adding the adjective, I do like this method of introducing grammar and Ebi-kun enjoyed making the sentences.

I have made a file with all the cards and grammar symbols plus how to present the lesson and it is available for download HERE.

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