Saturday, 31 July 2010

Scratch Art

I used to love doing this as a kid. Take some pieces of card, these are old cereal boxes and the such like, scribble all over them with wax crayon or in this case we used Japanese oil pastels which are so much better. Then paint a layer of black paint over the top, we should have used thicker paint, will make note to self for next time. Then when it is all dry use something sharpish and scratch away your design.
The one above didn't take the paint well but I really like the way it turned out, we did about 10 of these, Ei-kun let me do one, gee thanks! I will have to make my own at night if I want to play next time :o)
Ebi-kun gave it the thumbs up and already asked to do it again, I was surprised that he didn't draw actual pictures bar one they were all abstract.

Thank you for all you message about my accounts problem, don't panic, I haven't actually lost $7000, well at least I hope I haven't, it is just my lack of account skills, once I get to grips with what I should be doing I should be ok..... she says!
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