Friday, 9 July 2010


On the 7th of July Tanabata is celebrated in Japan, Ebi-kun came home with his tanabata tree decorated with origami and wishes.
 For dinner I made a dregs of the fridge loosely themed tanabata MTD, a handful of stars and some wishes on flags!
TOP L-R potatoes, baked beans, yoghurt
MIDDLE - cucumber, tomatoes, red pepper
BOTTOM - cucumber stars, taco weiners, potatoes

hehehe and my favourite wish :o)
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  1. Thanks for sharing. It is always fascinating to hear about traditions in other countries.

  2. I love the signs in your lunch. What fun!

  3. Cute lunch! Oooh, I just ordered some food picks from your etsy shop this weeked for MTM, didn't know you took part in it too. :)

  4. Poor little hot dogs!

    Love this MTM! So cute! :)

  5. when my son begins to read .. I want to do this.. clever.. I have yet to make hotdog octupus... I love your flags where did you get those lunch signs????/flags???

  6. I love the tree, the wishes, and the signs! I'm going to have to read more about this tradition.

  7. Christy - the picks are on their way!
    Nf1 - the flags were from my swap partner in Holland from a store called Hema, it looks like it is jam packed with cool/cute stuff, I want to go there!

  8. haha! awesome! love the little wiener dudes!


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