Friday, 16 July 2010

Zucchini moons...

Ebi-kun decided that he wanted to cook daddy's dinner, so he got out his cook book and we looked through to see what we could make, zucchini is very much in season at the moment and cheap as chips. Pretend soup is a great book for kids, easy to follow and the recipes are in picture form and written form. So he chopped up the zucchini, it was a big yellow one and we used about half of it.

And then he added the rest of the ingredients and cooked it all on the table top stove, if you have one of these it is a great way for the kids to cook, I don't like the idea of kids standing over a hot stove. I did have to constantly remind him to watch his arm on the top of the stove but apart from that he did fine.

Once the zucchini was done we cooked the pork in the same pot, he helped me and asked lots of questions about the whole process. As we were running short of time I quickly chopped up some salad to go with it and had some rice on in the rice cooker. The finished dinner, before I had put the rice out, the zucchini was delicious, we will definitely be doing that recipe again.

Daddy usually gets back late and this morning had to get up early to go to a meeting so he left Ebi-kun a little thank you letter saying the dinner was delicious - Ebi-kun was so chuffed that daddy liked his dinner, maybe he will be doing the cooking again tonight....
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