Wednesday, 11 August 2010

The Janone Horizone 7700

It is beautiful and arrived yesterday afternoon, the guy delivering it stayed for 3 hours showing me how to use it, my neighbour Tammy came to help with the translation so I think she got a free sewing lesson thrown it too :o). The guy did look like a Japanese Oompa Loompa and was very patient with us.
First impressions: it sews like a dream, I have read complaints about the position of the buttons and the draw not sliding out well but I have no problem with either. I haven't tried any kind of quilting on it yet, I thought I should try and get to grips with the basics first. I did manage to jam the stitches into the plate but it was most definately user error. They have ordered me a DVD and manual in English which will help, my head hurt after he left yesterday as I was trying to memorise everything! I am hoping to get back on it again today for a wee while but the Obon holiday starts tomorrow and we have plans so I doubt it will be seeing much action for a few days.

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  1. So excited for you Jo, you will love it forever ;) xx


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