Sunday, 22 August 2010

Making Moon Craters

This idea I got from Playing By The Book and was an easy one to set up. We used a baking tray (I bought this for my oven then discovered it wouldn't fit so now it is used for no end of things) and we put a layer of flour in it then sifted cocoa powder over the top. I then send Astronaut Ebi-kun off to find some suitable objects to use as meteors. He stood on the step and dropped the objects one at a time then we looked to see what kind of crater it had made. The cocoa is good as a contrast, you can really see well how the craters are formed. After a couple he started to predict what kind of crater would be made.
 It was surprising that even the marshmallow made a significant crater. Once he had finished experimenting he started playing with moonscape and I left him to it so I could take some photos of some shop items.
 I changed this to grey scale, looks kind of cool.

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