Monday, 23 August 2010

Matsuri shenanigans ...

It was the town matsuri (festival) on Saturday, we don't live in a very big town so we can't expect much really. It is a big social event though, especially for the one 'uns, the girls all looking pretty in their yukatas, the lads all looking cool with their hair done just so... blimey, I feel old. I did notice this year that there were far more girls wearing girlie jimbei (shorts and kimono style top that boys usually wear - see Ebi-kun below) which is a bit sad because they look much prettier in their yukata, there again, if I were that age, I would probably go for the jimbei too.
It was a really hot day and I refused to leave the house until it had cooled down a bit, so we got to the park around 5.30pm and enjoyed a dinner of yaki soba, big steamed potatoes with lashings of butter and miso paste and toffee apples. As a kid we always had toffee apples on bonfire night.
Ebi-kun got into a right sulk because I refused to fork out ¥1500 for a flashing sword, we had already seen one kid in tears over his broken sword so they obviously weren't up to much and then we thought we had found a good spot but then when the fireworks started they must have been setting them off in a different spot to last year because our view was blocked by a big tree - aghhhh. Just as we were moving daddy called to say he had made it back early so we managed to meet up with him and watch the fireworks together, Ebi-kun was impressed (and temporarily forgot about the sword)
The fireworks were pretty but just a short show compared to the ones in Kumagaya where they put on a fantastic show. Then, just to finishes the evening off, as a rode home on my bike with moaning-I-want-a sword-child on the back I got a puncture so had to push the bike all the way back!
When we got back, daddy got out a bag from work which contained, 6 pieces of baked cheese cake, a bag of scones, a bag of croissants, a couple of melon pan and a loaf of bread -yum. He designs industrial cake mixing machines and they had had an exhibition on a work which of course involved making lots of delicious cakes and bread - perks of the job!


  1. I'm not so keen on the girly jimbei, either! I love to see the girls in their yukata, and boys look cool in jimbei, but this new fashion for the girls... dasai?

  2. Hmmm aesthetically I'm a yukata person but as a mum of two active girls it's waaay easier to keep them decent in jinbei! I don't like the HS girls in their oversized kitty-chan jinbei just because. One of the festivals here the little boys wear (dark blue or dark green) yukata with the low slung sash. They look gorgeous!!

    I think you certainly earned your yummy bread after a festival with that many trials!

  3. Heather - the trick with the little girls looking decent is to tie their legs together just above their knees :o)

  4. I want a husband who works with cake making machines!


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