Tuesday, 24 August 2010

pizza mat

We have home made pizza most weekends, it is quick (I do the dough in the bread maker) and easy. When the pizza comes out of the oven the only thing I have the right size is my cutting board and then to protect the table I end up putting 4 mats underneath it, not any more. Now I have a lovely pizza sized mat and it matches the other table mats I made.
This was actually a project so that I could try out some of the functions on my new machine, I love, love, love the blanket stitches and will certainly be using them on a regular basis. I also tried my hand at free motion quilting, this is my first attempt, I really enjoyed it, it was a bit tricky in parts and I think if I do a quilt like this I would have to get myself a pair of FMQ gloves. I did cock up the binding a bit, oh well!
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