Wednesday, 18 August 2010

The Planets - part 3, layers of the earth

I saw this idea on The Learning Ark a while ago and have been itching to do it, Ebi-kun's recent interest in the planets gave me the perfect excuse. To start with I printed out these cards and had Ebi-kun working with them whilst I got to work making playdoh. I halved the quantity for each batch and made blue, green, brown (looked more like elephant dung) orange, red and yellow. I didn't manage to take pictures whilst we made the globe since it was a two person job. Ebi-kun rolled out each colour then I wrapped it round and made it into a ball. The finished earth was pretty impressive.

 I admit that the continents were not very accurate and I might have wiped out a complete nation or two!
 Before we cut it open we reviewed the layers of the earth, I squashed it a bit when I cut it, oh well, you get the idea! We kept it in a ziplock bag so daddy to could see it when he got home, actually, it is still on the side board!

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