Thursday, 5 August 2010

Sewing machine woes....

yep, it is playing up again. I am thinking of upgrading, I would love to know what kind of machine you have and how you rate it plus how much work you do on it, I do work my little Brother quite hard. I would love to get one that can do free motion quilting plus change the stitch length, which I can't do on mine. Any advice is much appreciated.


  1. I have a Janome. It's a cheaper model (probably still more than a Brother, but it's not one of those super expensive fancy ones either), but it still came with a lot of options and cool feet (I had never heard of a walking foot before, but I use it a lot now). I've had it for five years, and it still runs great (and admittedly, I don't upkeep it as well as I should). I really like it.

  2. Hi Jojoebi,

    My trusty sewing machine is also a Janome (bought in 2000). I too wish to upgrade to a machine that does the blanket stitch but that is just greedy. My overlocker is a Brother. I am hoping that Santa would bring me a coverstitch machine for Christmas.

  3. I also have a Janome. Mine is about 15 years old, and it's now got a lot of problems, even though I had it serviced and repaired last year. I'm not sure if it's because I have shipped it back and forth between Japan and the States, or what. But anyway, I did love it, when it was still working! Now it only does a straight stitch and one zig-zag, sometimes. I try to figure out ways to alter patterns so I don't have to do any buttonholes!

  4. Dropping in from One Pretty Thing.

    Janome, hands down. We have two in our house and love them both. I also sew enough to have a dedicated room, so I'm on my machine (a QC 4000 or something like that) at least several times a week.

  5. you can't change the stitch length? that's crazy! interesting that you've got 3 Janomes so far...

  6. made). My mum had hers for more than 25 years and still works perfectly. She did sew a lot with it. I am sure that the Japanese brand are also good. I guess for your case it's just depend which brand are available in Japan. (my first sewing machine bought here in Vancouver in a boot sale was from Japan and It worked perfectly but was wery heavy).

  7. I sew on an older Bernina 1080 for most of my plain sewing, and have absolutely loved it for years. I also sew on a newer Bernina 440 with great decorative stitching and a Bernina Stitch Regulator and love all of the extras, too!

    I have sewn on Brother and Janome in the past, but sew so much that I quickly was limited by the lighter duty machines (plus I actually burned out a motor on a Janome!)

  8. I sew on a Singer Confidence 7470 and I LOVE IT. I've had it for 2 years-ish and try to work it out often. Hope you find something you love to replace your machine. :)


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