Friday, 17 September 2010

Where In The World Postcard Swap

Rightie, who is up for another swap?

When I organise swaps I always get about 70% of people from the USA sign up and then a mix for the rest, so to try and mix it up a bit and to get some of the more obscure and small countries included I have come up with a plan..... now, I know this isn't authentic and isn't as good as the real thing but it might be the spark that leads to something bigger, plus you can get the kids involved with the research....

Each person will be in a group of five so you will need to prepare 4 cards (and one for yourself if you like).
When you sign up I will mail you with the name of a country, you then have to make your own postcard to represent that country, so some research will possibly be needed and remember to put the name of the country on the front. 'Greetings from ... ' or the such like. The internet is a wonderful resource for images but I do request that you ask permission before using some one's image or at the very least give credit on the card with the web address where you found it.
How you actually make the postcard is up to you.

On the back you need to write 2 facts about the country - anything you like and a short message, remember to sign it so your swap partners know who sent it.
For the stamp you will obviously need to add a stamp from your own country but it you wanted to paste a copy of a stamp from the country you represent that would be cool too.

That is all. I will mail you back with your designated country within a couple of days. You can start making your cards straight away.
When the sign up date is closed I will send you your swap group, keep your designated country a secret but exchange mailing addresses. If, you sign up and you are from a country that doesn't usually get much representation then I will give you the option of making a card from a different country or using the real thing from where you live.

Sign up date closes September 25th. you will get your assigned country by Sept. 30th.
I will send out your swap group the first week of Oct.
Your cards must be mailed by Oct. 15th

This bit is important - if you wish to join a bigger stake swap in the future, such a culture swap, you must sign up and complete this one. The only people who don't have to follow this rule are those who have already done 2 or more swaps that I have organised. Anyone who doesn't stick to their end of the deal doesn't get to participate in bigger swaps.

any questions, pop them in the comments section, don't try and sign up in the comments, it won't work!
and please spread the word!
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