Saturday, 30 October 2010

It will take more than a typhoon... stop a certain little boy from going 'trick or treating'! One of our playgroup friends always holds a great party in the park across from their house but we are in the middle of a typhoon..boooo...luckily they have found a community room to rent for a few hours so at least we can have some kind of party! We usually do pot luck for playgroup parties and for Halloween I like to make something a bit special, this time I decided to make a cake....
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Ebi-kun can't wait to dig in, 
sorry, couldn't resist!

I made the gravestones from marshmallow fondant, the skulls and bones are white chocolate, the worms are gummy worms. The base is chocolate cake covered in chocolate butter cream then 2 packs or oreo biscuits smashed up in a ziplock bag makes the dirt. If I didn't have to transport it  would have gone to town and made a tree too but I didn't fancy my chances of getting it there in one piece!

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