Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Todays lesson is on potions....

This activity is so much fun on so many levels, practice pouring and measuring, 
mixing colours, writing and making up spells. This is an easy one to whip up, dig out some 
bottles and jars, some measuring jugs, labels and pens. 
Fill three of the jugs with water and add red, yellow and blue food colour, one to each jug.
It helps if your small person is decked out in witch or wizard outfit too.
We didn't follow a format, Wizard Ebi-kun started with mixing colours and pouring them into the different jars, he needed to measure the liquids so that it would fit into the jar.
 Another activity was mixing up a spell in a large jar, Wizard Ebi-kun asked for various spell ingredients such a crocodile tongues, snake intestines, witches finger nails (ingredients were things I dug out of the fridge and pantry, nori, fu, crushed garlic...)
 Add magic blue potion, mutter the spell, stir with a dragon bone and leave to 
brew for 40 days and 40 nights....
 Of course any self respecting Wizard labels all his spells and potions....
 and keeps them on display in the dining room.

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