Thursday, 14 October 2010

What is it with beetles?

We found this little fella on the balcony, of course we had to get out the insect encyclopedia, yes, that's right we have an encyclopedia just about insects. After much discussion it was decided that he was a himekogane beetle (maybe spelt wrong!) quite a pretty colour.
We didn't keep him, Ebi-kun took him to yochien.


  1. Wow, an insect encyclopedia - sounds wonderful! exactly the sort of thing my girls (and husband) would spend hours pouring over. It looks like it's a Japanese book - am I right? So only Japanese insects or ones from all over the world?

  2. Yes, it is Japanese, I think most of the book is for Japanese bugs - and there are a lot of them with life sized pictures and then there seems to be a section with bugs from around the world too. I'll take some pictures of the book for you...

  3. Thanks - that would be great. I have wondered about getting Bugs Britannica for my girls, but I like the layout of your book from what I can see.


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