Sunday, 12 December 2010


How I hate you!
It was a loooong flight, both flights were delayed, the first for 2.5 hours, oh joy! Ebi-kun managed to sleep for about an hour on the long flight and then completely zonked on the short flight from Frankfurt to Manchester, I had a really hard time waking him up, poor thing. We did however get to ride on one of those buggy carts things at Frankfurt which was fun and much appreciated when I realised what a yomp it was between section C and B.

Ebi-kun has been awake from 1am again, same as yesterday, I have tried to keep him in bed and we have had some amusing conversations...

Ebi-kun: I'm hungry
Me:well your body is confused because of the different time zones
Ebi-kun:actually, I'm not hungry, I am STARVING

so we were up at 5am eating breakfast.

This morning around 2am...

Ebi-kun: mommy, I think that the nights in England are much longer than in Japan
me: agghhhhh go to sleep

4am - I had finally dozed off then there is a whisper in my ear
Ebi-kun:mommy, I want a glass of water
I tried to ignore him but he ended up whisper shouting in my ear agghhhhh

Now it is 6am, we have been up and hour, had breakfast and now watching some rubbish on TV, we have a date with Santa for Breakfast at 10am, I had better fuel myself with more coffee!
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