Thursday, 2 December 2010

Rhythm Of The Home

Do you know about the online magazine Rhythm Of The Home? It is a beautiful publication published quarterly and is split into four sections, warmth, play, celebration and connection. There is a strong emphasis on the natural connection between you and your child, making it very popular with Montessori and Waldorf lovers. I was honoured when I was invited to submit a project, pop over to see what it is! I am also in good company with projects from lots of other great bloggers.
When you have finished reading the main site, pop over to the blog to enter the big giveaway, lots of fab prizes including something of mine but be quick, they will be picking winners on Monday.


  1. I dicsovered Rhythm of the Home via Wee Folk Art. It's such a cozy, beautiful site!

  2. We finally got around to doing this today. (My buy-some-time-to-fix-dinner activity) It was very interesting to see what my son chose. The page with jealous at the top ended up being all warm colors which I did not expect. Thank you! (Just remembered I need to send you photos!)


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