Friday, 4 February 2011

what on earth....

Like many people I have a mobile photo with a camera, it is an old iphone so the camera is pretty rubbish on it, it does in an emergency and is handy for taking pictures of stupid things that either make me laugh or scratch my head in puzzlement. I was sorting through my phone pics last night and thought I would share a few of my silly snaps - be warned, I am easily amused!
giant inflatable ants and wasps
spotted at the local drug store

SPF 0 suncream with aftersun sun
which of course you will need after using SPF 0 sun cream

Doggy Christmas cakes
prices are $15.60 - $20.60 or ₤9.60 - ₤12.70

I didn't even know the big bad wolf had a mouse, let alone a big one
(worst thing about this is that it is Decole, quite a big brand!)

Daddy-ebi trying out the sofas in Ikea
I did try and explain that the sofa is for sitting on not leaning against!
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