Monday, 28 March 2011

Mothers Day Love...

Rita, from Surfing Silver contacted me a few days ago, she wanted to contribute to the appeal but doesn't have a blog so we came up with the idea of running on my blog. For those who read my blog on a regular basis you may remember this post about the bracelet and key fob made by Rita with Ebi-kun's designs on them.
Rita suggested giving away one of her mommy bracelets like the one Ebi-kun designed and since it is coming up to Mothers Day, I though it would be an excellent idea.
At some point over the last couple of weeks Jacqui posted this picture of a boy, Toshihito Aisawa, aged 9 from Ishinomaki (one of the towns devastated by the tsunami). One of his messages reads 'I will come again tomorrow'. He is looking for his family and cousin. I'm not sure if he has found them but there are going to many children like him, who won't be able to celebrate Mothers day and many mothers who won't be receiving gifts from her child this year and for years to come.
Photo by Kuniaki Nishio
That is why I think this raffle is that little bit more special, I wear my bracelet all the time, it makes me smile when I look at it...

and I am sure having one yourself will also bring a smile to your face, if you are not yet a mommy or your child is too young to create some art to use, then Ebi-kun has offered to draw something special for you, a one of a kind piece. This is a tension bracelet, the thing I really like about these kind of bracelets is that the focal piece stays on top of the wrist (like a watch) and doesn't constantly spin around; also that I can see it while I'm wearing it (can't see my earrings)
I also like this design because the focal piece serves as the clasp and it is much easier than a regular clasp!

If you are not a bracelet kinda gal, then Rita will happily do you a pendent instead

The Rules....
Donate to one of the following organisations, it doesn't matter which. When you have donated, copy the receipt number that you will be given, come back and put a comment on THIS post. You MUST include a receipt number and a valid email address. If you forget your email address then delete the previous post and re-write it.
The raffle will close Monday April 4th at 12pm JST.
Winner will be drawn by random generator.

US$10 to Global Giving
US$ to Red Cross
₤6 to Global Giving UK
₤6 to The British Red Cross
AUS$ 10 to Red Cross
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