Friday, 11 March 2011

thank you

for all your messages of concern. We are safe but it was scary, I have never felt anything like it before. From what I gather there are no trains running, hubby works over an hours commute away, I haven't managed to get through to him but he has spoken to MIL. 
The news footage of the tsunami is awful, I can't watch it without crying, I can't even start to think about how many people will be affected. My first two years we spent in northern Japan, I feel sick thinking about friend up there.
 I got out our emergency bag and the camping gear just in case. The next town over has no electricity so I have been getting candles and the touches at the ready and filling up water carriers, hopefully we won't need it.
CNN has just shown Sendai, a city of over a million and a 10m wall of water went straight through it. There is an oil refinery on fire in Chiba. 
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