Thursday, 14 April 2011

4, 5 and 6 done....

Still going with the April Challenge. I wanted to make a dress or skirt for my niece who will be 4 soon. I spent ages looking for a simple pattern and one that was flexible with size since I don't have her measurements. I settled on a pillowcase style dress and used the pattern/instructions from the Craft Hope book.
I didn't have any pillowcases but I do have lots of fabric, the dress is super easy to make so I ended up making two and then I had some bits left over so I decided to make matching bags. After seeking advice on twitter on what style of bag a 4 year old is likely to prefer, I went with the handbag and made it reversible so it matches both dresses. Now, my niece is in the UK and unavailable for a photo shoot so I needed a local model to take her place, introducing Ebi-chan.... who incidentally was not impressed with wearing a dress....
act like a girl                                                       BOY

kawaii                                                       NOT

reversible bag
I LOVE how the bag turned out, the placement of the fish fabric is just right.
If you have a little girl and have never made clothes for her, I can recommend the pillowcase dress, it would be even easier if you actually started with a pillowcase but not a Japanese pillowcase which is a lot smaller than a western one, unless you were making a dress for a really little girl of course.


  1. Ebi-chan is so kawaii! Your son is such a good sport! So very sweet of him. I can't believe he even agreed to wear the dress and have his pictures taken! You should keep these pictures to 'blackmail' him when he's older XP


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