Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Book Review

How do you like Miffy's new hat - rather stylish don't you think?
 This is one of Ebi-kuns creations, I picked up this book from the ¥100 store, Paper Cutting For Beginners and it is great. You cut a section of the page then fold it according to the lines on the back of the paper and then cut out the grey sections and it makes all kinds of shapes.
 Ebi-kun cut the Kappa* head the decided he needed a body so I showed him how to use brads and he made himself a Kappa puppet. ¥100 yen well spent!
*Kappa is a mythical Japanese creature, he lives in rice paddies and rivers and likes to eat children, horses and cucumber. He has a dished head that is filled with water. If you should meet him, you should bow, in a polite Japanese way, because he is Japanese he will bow back, the water will spill and he can't survive without water in his dished head so as he refills it you can run away and escape. That little nugget of information might just save your life one day!

Right today's mission is to do my accounts *groan* and sew a new bento bag for yochien, what are your plans for the day?
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