Thursday, 21 April 2011

hair and potions....

Firstly, hair... this is how Ebi-kun came home from yochien, with a mad quiff, looked kind of cute cool though, I have no idea how he got it like this, his hair is like mine and has a will of it's own.

We tried to think up a good way to use the left over food colour from dying the eggs, we tried a couple of painting methods but the dye wasn't strong enough so they pretty much failed so Ebi-kun ended up mixing up potions, (like we did here) there is something magical about mixing colours, it keeps kids quiet for ages!
Before dinner he decided to read me some of his book, a new book, Tonight on the Titanic, it is one of the magic tree house books, well he stormed through the first chapter and then the second, and the third. He ended up reading the whole thing, all 10 chapters, all 71 pages! Took him about 45 minutes, when he finished he said 'wow, that was exciting wasn't it?' 
I could do with a book that is a little bit more difficult than the magic tree house books and a bit easier than How to train your dragon, any ideas anyone?

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