Sunday, 8 May 2011

A lesson on birth and death...

The morning of the BBQ daddy-ebi called for Ebi-kun and I to go out to the back of the house, he had been throwing the rubbish and spotted this wild cat in next doors garden, she had 3 tiny, brand new kittens.
They were still a bit of wet and their eyes were closed so they must have only just been born.
We tried not to get too close so that we didn't upset mommy cat, the neighbour came over and we told her what we had found, she wasn't happy because she found a dead cat in her garden not long ago but who can't see new born kittens and not go ahhhhh (yes, even my mom who hates cats will gooo over a new born kitten!). So we checked on them a couple of time through the day then in the evening mommy cat decided to move them, we don't know where she went but she took the biggest two kittens first. It had gone dark so we popped out every now and then to see if she had come back for the little runt of the litter but sadly it was too late, the little one had died. We told Ebi-kun the next morning, in a very matter of fact manner, I grew up in the country and that is how I learnt about the life cycle, he asked some questions and we talked about the strongest animals often survive where the weaker ones will die and how that is part of natures way. 
I think situations like this are a good time to bring up subjects that are difficult to discuss, makes it more natural than sitting down and having a formal discussion, I also thing that is one of the good reasons why children should have pets, a death of a loved pet can help prepare them for a death of a family member. Have you talked to your kids about death?
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