Monday, 6 June 2011

Art Frames.... (tutorial)

When ever we go to an art gallery or museum I tend to pick up a couple of art postcards, if Ebi-kun has taken to something I will try and get a a postcard of the piece. A while ago I found these postcard frames, the one side is open so you can slide the postcards in easily, I have seen them all over the place so I am pretty sure they are easy to find.
I decided we needed labels for the pictures, it was really easy and makes a great little interactive art piece.
 On the front I stuck a piece of velcro
 Then I cut a pile of cards on thick card stock and stuck the other part of the velcro on the back of the cards
 Initially, I was going to type the name of the piece and artist but then decided to hand write them because it will be easily to add new cards as we expand the collection.
 Stick the name card on the frame and you are done! We have two frames, one for landscape pictures and one for portrait and a pile of postcards, the labels we keep in an envelope with the postcards. Ebi-kun can check if he has picked out the correct label because all the postcards have the name on the back.
If you don't have any art postcards you could use the download Art Cards and make a frame to fit them, it would also be fun to do with postcards of places around the world.

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