Thursday, 23 June 2011

Introducing Zon.....

The other day we watched ATOM (Astro Boy) this fired some sparks and it wasn't long before Ebi-kun was rummaging through the recycling bin... 

 The glue gun was out and in next to no time we had a new member in the family

 Here he is - Zon the Robot Boy

 Whilst Ebi-kun was at yochien, Zon got busy with the washing up

and the dusting

 then sorted the laundry, folding all the T-shirts

then he got down to cook the dinner

Obviously this wore poor Zon out, 
I found him on the sofa watching a Samurai drama and drinking beer!
To be honest, if it costs me a can of beer a day to have the 
house clean and tidy and dinner cooked I am happy to pay.
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