Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Online Magazines....

I have noticed a lot of these popping up recently on all kinds of topics, the two I always read is the very mod, eye-candy lmnop and the more homely Rhythm Of The Home (you can find me there too)

Kathreen over at WhipUp (one of my favourite blogs) has recently started a great kids magazine, she does charge $5 for it but to be honest the amount of work she puts into it, it is well worth it and she now has a spanking new Action Pack * website to go with it.

Get Action Pack Issue 3

Although it is advertised for kids aged 7 up we have issue two and there are plenty of things that Ebi-kun can do, some with a bit of help. The activities are good wholesome stuff, crafts, outdoor activities, cooking AND there is no advertising in the magazine which is a great thing for a kids mag. Ebi-kun gets the National Geographic kids mag and although there is a lot of good stuff in that there is also too much crap and ads for my liking.

And, well that brings me round nicely to the topic of advertising! I have put off doing this for a long time but needs must and all that, if you have a shop or business that you would like to promote with a side banner on this blog then drop me a line (jojoebi.designs 'at' gmail 'dot' com) and I will let you know my rates. Here are my stats from May....

Do you read online/downloadable magazines? If so, which are your favourites?

*affilate link but I would link to it even if it wasn't!

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  1. I sometimes (but not regularly) read both of those. plus Modern Handmade Child. I have also purchased single issues of nuno and Knit Circus. I tend to read them when I'm not way behind on blogs I follow and when someone who's a contributor links to them.


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