Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Return to the wild...

When we went camping we caught some little fish and a couple of tadpoles. Sadly all the fish went belly up on Monday but the tadpoles were OK. When we caught them one of the tadpoles had just started to grow legs the only was was all tadpole, by yesterday, the bigger one had turned virtually into a frog, he has a tiny tail left. We were worried that he needed froggy food, which I do not have and I am not going out catching live bugs to feed a frog! So we decided to set them both free, we went up the road to the rice paddies and released them there, I am sure the local farmer will be very 'happy' with us! So, adios Taddy and Jack, it has been a pleasure watching you grow up....

If you are looking for a nice book Ebi-kun really likes this one, From Tadpole To Frog

Let's-Read-and-Find-out Science, Stage 1: from Tadpole to Frog

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