Wednesday, 17 August 2011


One of the best things about taking the shinkansen (bullet train) in my husbands opinion, is being able to eat eki-ben, eki is Japanese for station and ben is short for bento, many of the stations have specialised eki-ben containing regional foods and specialities - I have never really got into it myself! Ebi-kun is a child who likes to try food, no matter what it is he will give it a go, so he enjoys the whole eki-ben experience too and this time got his own bento instead of sharing mine and daddy's lunch.

It contained fruit, chicken, potato, quail egg, omlette, lettuce, ankomanju and 3 types of rice. Ebi-kun loves Japanese pickles so he stole some of those from his daddy's bento! daddy also has to crack open a beer, no matter what time we get on the train, like it is some unwritten law. Shinkansen trip = beer.

When we changed trains in Osaka we decided to grab a Starbucks and somebody spied the cakepops, it is the first time I have seen them over here, the Japanese are definitely behind on the ole cakepops trend. It was nice but over priced and not easy to eat without making a mess! but isn't that what holiday food is about?

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