Friday, 21 October 2011

In Trouble...

Ebi-kun starts school next April and before he starts he has to have a health and IQ check. It was yesterday BUT we thought it was done at the yochien, apparently not. I was supposed to pick him up before lunch and take him to the school and I only found this out when Ebi-kun told me when he got home that he hadn't had his check up but the other kids going to his school had!
So, around 6pm last night, the doorbell goes and it is two ladies from the school (with official ID tags round their neck) - a visit from the school before he even starts! Great! I ended up calling daddy-ebi and letting him talk to them, I could understand what they were saying but couldn't tell them what I needed to say - frustrating. They tried to arrange another date but the day they wanted to do it Ebi-kun has his yochien trip to the zoo so that was a no-go so it looks like we have to take him to the town hall and get his check done. Looks like this schooling lark is going to be a steep learning curve (for me!) at least we only have to do it once, I suppose it gets easier if you have been through it before though.
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