Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Hakone - homeward bound....

We had a couple of hours free in the morning so we decided to try the ropeway again since the weather was a bit clearer in the morning, the trees are changing colour so the view is quite spectacular. We just went up to the top and jumped on another car coming down, then we caught the train and headed back to the main station where we needed to catch the Romance Car.

First though, we had to buy omiyagi (souvenirs), the Japanese have got this down to a fine art form. Each area sells things that they are famous for and it is custom to take omiyagi for your co-workers, even if it was just a day trip! I thought these little bentos made of candy were cute...

This is kamoboko - a type of fish cake, you cut slices from the block so you would have police car slices, doesn't look very appetizing to me but I can see little boys loving it in their bento boxes. Ebi-kun was in his element trying all the samples, the kid loves trying new things!

And here it is, the Romance Car, I'm still not sure what is romantic about it, if the seats were all red velvet with heart shaped cushions I would get it. The driver sits in that bit at the top so the people at the front get a cool view, we were 2nd row back this time.

We finally got a peak at Fuji-san too, I was expecting more snow on her.

Of course we had to have the Romance Car bento and chopsticks, at least they are washable and we can use them again. 

All in all it was a great break, could have done without all the rain but never mind. Came back down to earth with a bump when we got to the supermarket and discovered that 90% of the fruit and veg is from the affected areas, we seem to be getting less from Hokkaido and Kyushu, it makes meal planning impossible and every night I feel like I am on an episode of Ready, Steady Cook! time to look at ordering our veg online I think.

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