Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Normal blogging may now resume....

Now Halloween is done and dusted I promise no more gory food for at least 11 months! That said, I did open some home made apple sauce to go with our porridge and it was moldy, so I opened a second jar, moldy, as was the third. This was the first time I have tried making it, followed all the instructions properly so I have no idea what went wrong. I am so glad I only mad a small batch of three jars though, it has made me a bit paranoid about the jams I have made...hmmmm.

Ebi-kun asked to watch a film yesterday when he got in for yochien because he was tired, so he picked The Wizard Of Oz, one of my all time favourites. A friend popped round for a coffee so we didn't get round to doing much else. I did tell Ebi-kun that he had to take a bath in the dark because it was Halloween, he wasn't too keen until he saw that I had put the ping-pong eye balls and glo-sticks in the bath and then I couldn't get him out!

I am still re-formatting the patterns, taking me much longer than anticipated, I have a new pattern almost ready to go and I have been putting together a workbook to go with a Picasso book I got for Ebi-kun, we are going to the Open Air Museum in Hakone later in the month and they have a big Picasso area, I thought it would be fun to do on the way there.

Tomorrow is daddy-ebi's birthday so I need to get really need to get organised.... busy week, this week!
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