Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Shoe woes....

As a foreigner in Japan I am quite lucky that I have small feet and that Japanese shoe sizes fit me just great! A lot of of bigger footed friends have a nightmare trying to buy new shoes. The problem I do have is deciding which shoes I like best. Unfortunately, this time I have found a pair I love but sadly the price I do not love! Now, if each of my blog subscribers donates ¥22 I would be able to afford to buy them, what do you think, got ¥22 spare ;o)

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So, they are still in the shop but I really needed some new shoes before the ones I have fall off my feet, I spotted these yesterday, they were in the sale so only cost me ¥900, not bad, although I don't expect them to last very long at that price. They will do for now, until I have saved up my yennies!

I spent all last night cutting out, it is a half day at yochien today so I am heading to the studio to try and get as much done as possible before Ebi-kun gets home. November is a bit of a nightmare month, trying to get all my Christmas presents bought and sent home, custom orders and Ebi-kuns annoying yochien schedule, I am sure he has more days off this month than he actually spends at yochien, oh well...
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