Friday, 11 November 2011

Urban Myth?

If you live in Japan you will have seen 2l plastic bottles filled with water guarding houses, drives and gardens, it was years before I found out what they were for, well I think my husband told me but I didn't believe him! I'm not sure if this method is used anywhere else in the world, the only place I remember seeing them are here, any ideas yet?

Well..... they are to scare cats away! Really! Apparently cats are scared of 2l bottles filled with water, I have no idea whether there is any scientific proof to back this up, I am not even sure why a cat would be scared of the bottle, maybe the reflection but the conditions would have to be 'just right' for that to work. Anyway, we have put some out because the kittens that were born a few months ago have turned into feral beasts and we don't really want them in the yard. Now, if I had more time and money I would set up a 24hr surveillance of the area to see whether the water bottle deterrent actually works but sadly I don't have either so we will just have to wait and see.
Do you have any customs like this where you are or any tips for keeping cats out of your yard?

Right, got to get back at it, Spoonflower are having free shipping to far flung places for 24 hours and my files are not quite ready yet....
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