Tuesday, 27 December 2011

and then it was all over....

I hope you all had a lovely few days whatever it is you celebrate. Our Christmas was much quieter than last year (when we were back in the UK) but it was a lovely anyway. We were awoken by a very excited small boy at the crack of dawn, well I am not sure dawn had actually cracked. We opened the stockings and snuggled under the blankets until the heaters had warmed up downstairs.

Daddy-ebi designs industrial mixing machines, so what? you say, well many of the machines got to cakes shops and so each year on Christmas eve we get a super fancy cake and this year was no exception, we end up having fancy cake for Christmas breakfast with pink champagne.

And then it is time to get on and open the presents, we have a tradition or a game if you like, started by my mom, I think to keep a track of who got what and from whom. The rules...
1. The youngest person picks a gift from under the tree, reads the label and gives it to the intended person.
2. Once the gift has been opened then next youngest takes a gift, etc. etc.
3. If you pick a gift labelled to yourself you must put it back.
4. The game continues until everything is opened.

Ebi-kun was more than chuffed with all the Beast Quest books he got, should keep him going for the holidays at least!

And as time goes by I realised I married a True Yorkshireman rather than a Japanese man - my grandfather would have got on well with him.

Turkey dinner and all the trimmings, lovely! Although I did cook enough to feed a small army, we will be eating leftovers for a week!

Ebi-kun loves to tuck into a bit of leg!

The rest of the was spent building this Lego set, watching Muppets Christmas Carol (and poking daddy to make sure he didn't doze off) and playing games. 

Christmas day ebi-kun started with a runny nose by last night he was coughing like he smokes 60 a day so instead of a playdate with his yochien friends today it is going to be a trip to the doctor, we are supposed to be going skiing in a couple of days so I don't want him to get any worse.

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