Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Birthday Glass Blowing

The next few posts are likely to be photo heavy and words light. For my birthday we went to Blue Moon Studio in Kawagoe for a glass blowing lesson, it was an great day, the staff at Blue Moon were excellent, I was a bit worried about having a small boy + very hot kiln but there was no point in which I hd one of those mini panic attacks that parents often get when watching their kids do things. I can't show you the finished pieces, they take several days to cool down and then they ship them to you, so probably after Christmas I can show them off. Most of the pictures are of Ebi-kun doing his lesson, he is far more photogenic than I am!

first you choose the style of pot and the colours you want to use

the glass is heated and rolled in the colour glass pieces

The glass is rolled on wet newspaper to help shape it

and of course the blowing - more difficult than it looks

Shaping the end

shaking the pole to extend the length of the glass

making the end flat

reheating the glass - it was so BLOODY hot!

Glass in the kiln

making the opening

admiring the finished piece

and just to prove I did it too.... 

Come back after Christmas to see the finished pieces!

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