Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Lego Crazy...

We are all Lego fans in this house, which is juts as well really! Ebi-kun has worked his way through the Kingdom's (knights) sets and now is hooked on Ninjago, we have a good collection of goodies and baddies so the ninjas have teamed up with the knights and some big battles have been going on. The downside of this is that I have apparently been appointed as Chief Lego Builder so when something is damaged in battle I have to rebuild it, I can see the novelty of this wearing off pretty quickly.

Anyway, a question for fellow Lego fans, how do you store it all? At the moment we have a couple of tackle boxes for all the teeny pieces and a big box for the main pieces and I also made a grab mat but it isn't working well so I am open to suggestions, if you have a Lego storage system that works really well, please share! Do you keep each set in it's own box or just chuck it all in together?
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