Friday, 6 January 2012


I am not one for making resolutions as such, I don't keep them so what is the point? Maybe it's because I usually make them too specific, this year it is all very vague, I started the new year with a head cold and my head still feels very vague. I do feel like I need some goals, something to aim for, so these will get me started...

  • Not to buy more fabric until I have made a good dent in what I have. I am planning on sorting through anything I am not likely to use and donate it to Quilts For Japan who are making up sewing kits to send to Tohoku.
  • To get back into shape and to start yoga again, if anyone has a good DVD recommendation please share.
  • To make a solid decision about the direction I want to take jojoebi.designs, I started off well last year then the quake hit and everything went pear shaped, I need to get back on top of everything, sort out my priorities and stop getting distracted. This year Ebi-kun starts school so this should be the year I buckle down and get things going properly.
  • To exhibit at Design Festa
  • To step out of my comfort zone more often both personally and professionally.
  • To be organised enough to make up a Montessori 'pack' using the swap packages for Ebi-kun each month (better get my arse into gear with this months!)
I am not really back into work mode yet, Ebi-kun doesn't start back at yochien until next Tuesday and my foggy brain isn't helping matters. So, this weekend on my to-do list is.... to sort out the fabric, make something for my step sisters new baby, born yesterday and get Ebi-kuns first Montessori pack organised.

Do you have any resolutions/plans for the year?

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