Saturday, 11 February 2012

2.46 :: The Coffee Maker ::

This is a lovely video of a guy touring the tsunami hit areas of Tohoku with his record player and coffee grinders, he stops to make fresh coffee and spread hope.


and here Sarah Outen, a British adventurer writes about her time working in Ishinomaki, read about it here.

There is another video here (in Japanese) which shows a group of Tohoku babies that were born on March 11th last year receiving a special wooden chair as a gift.

The first few Little Houses have arrived and I have had plenty of photos, all of them adorable, I will start a counter as more come in so we can see how close we get to the target *fingers crossed*

Here are a few more.... I have started a board here on pinterest so I will add the pictures as I get them.

From Jody

From Janine and her daughter

Love the little yo-yo's on the roof of this one....
from Chin Yee

from Elnora

from Lisa

From Amy

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