Saturday, 11 February 2012

2.46 :: The Coffee Maker ::

This is a lovely video of a guy touring the tsunami hit areas of Tohoku with his record player and coffee grinders, he stops to make fresh coffee and spread hope.


and here Sarah Outen, a British adventurer writes about her time working in Ishinomaki, read about it here.

There is another video here (in Japanese) which shows a group of Tohoku babies that were born on March 11th last year receiving a special wooden chair as a gift.

The first few Little Houses have arrived and I have had plenty of photos, all of them adorable, I will start a counter as more come in so we can see how close we get to the target *fingers crossed*

Here are a few more.... I have started a board here on pinterest so I will add the pictures as I get them.

From Jody

From Janine and her daughter

Love the little yo-yo's on the roof of this one....
from Chin Yee

from Elnora

from Lisa

From Amy


  1. Hi have just found your blog via Amy(badskirts) and love this idea of the little houses project. Do you still need more??? I would love to make some if so. Thanks Angelique

    1. Hi, and welcome. If you have time to make one or two that would be great, I am sure we can find homes for them all.


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