Monday, 13 February 2012

MTD - The Netherlands...

We are visiting The Netherlands this month so I made a MTD in the colours of the flag, well at least I tried to, red and white were easy enough but blue had me stuck for a while, I cheated and went for blue packaging! My Dutch swap partner sent me the picks from Hema a while ago, I have been hoarding them until now.

Top: tulip tomato, red pepper, parma ham,  tulip tomato
Middle: rice ball, cheese cubes, rice ball, steamed cauliflower
Bottom: blue soda pop, cute sweeties, cheese, cookies with  blue icing (scraping the barrel on that one!)

The sweeties are the ones from the same series that I posted about before and the pop (as we call it back home) I picked up when we were skiing, purely for the cute packaging.


  1. What a wonderful lunch! It is such fun to try new foods.

  2. What a great lunch! Super cute! I'd love you to check out Bento Blog Network. We'd love to have you participate sometime!

  3. Your lunch is so cute! I loved themed food!


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