Wednesday, 22 February 2012

a quick update...

little houses update first... I had a rather bemused looking postie hand over parcels from India, Singapore, New Zealand, USA x2 and the usual post yesterday. So we are up to 45 houses and hopefully more on the way... Kathryn is sending me some eco-bags to put all the houses in and Vicky is sending chocolate so once I have all the houses we will package them up and send them off to Joni.

Other news, Ebi-kun was off yochien again yesterday, the cough is back, so annoying. It was back to the doc for more meds yesterday then a cozy afternoon watching Star Wars III , sewing name labels on everything he has to wear for the play, preparing the pages for the year book and cutting out fabric to make the bags he needs for school. So although I didn't get much in the way of 'work' done I did manage to get most of that out of the way. I keep putting off the labelling of school items, it gives me a headache just thinking about it.

He has gone to yochien today as it is a half day so I am hoping to get the bags sewn and try and finish a couple of other projects whilst I am at it before he gets home....

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