Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Star punching

Ebi-kun made a constellation booklet, I printed out these pages and cut out each constellation box and piece of black card to go with it but I cut the black card a couple of cm's wider.

Then Ebi-kun aligned the right edge of the paper and the card, took a pin and punched through holes where all the stars are, he wrote the name of the constellation with glitter pen then when he had done them all we punched a couple of holes down the lefthand side of the black car and added a couple of rings to make it into a little book of sorts.

If you hold the card up to the light you can see the 'stars'. This will be handy to go in with our camping gear since I can never remember any of the constellations!


  1. What a fabulous idea! Thanks so much for sharing it! I really enjoy reading your blog.

    1. thank you!
      it is lovely of you to leave a message :o)


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