Thursday, 15 March 2012

Damage to reactor 4 will mean the end....

This is very disturbing. The situation in Japan at the moment means that all but 2 of the nuclear reactors have been closed down but the government want to start some of them up again and much of it is to do with the money that flows from the nuclear industry. Also, summer time in Japan sees the greatest use of electricity and last summer we managed to get by,  just! But that was with 19 reactors still in operation and having a heavier reliance on fossil fuel energy which of course has driven the electricity bills up, how the country will manage through this summer with only 2 reactors working, I don't know.

I don't want the reactors re-started, I think the government should be taking a more serious move towards alternative methods but whatever happens in the summer, the problem with Fukushima reactor 4 is happening now and after that big shake last night it makes it even more scary. This is piece taken from TV, if you want subtitles click through to YouTube and on the cc button, the reporter is actually quite worked up about it all but the subtitles are pretty basic, you will get the gist though.

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