Thursday, 1 March 2012

Netherlands Round-Up..

We would have finished everything off yesterday if Ebi-kun hadn't been sick, he has a half day at yochien on a Wednesday so we usually do project work then. Instead we both had a nice long nap! The new meds seem to be working, he only woke up once in the night coughing so we both managed to get a pretty good nights sleep and he has gone off to yochien this morning. Thank you for all the well wishes.

So, February we studied about The Netherlands, here is a quick round up of what we got up to..

Had a look at tessellation and MC Escher and read a book about Van Gogh and learnt to paint in impasto style.

Cooked Dutch Pancakes, not once but twice, they have become a firm favourite and had a a Netherlands MTD.
Made a constellation booklet, sewed a starry constellation and a starry starry sandwich.

Listened to Vincent and studied the lyrics
Dissected tulips
Watched videos about windmills and also made some.

And I didn't blog about this but we also watched this video about how clogs are made, the guy is quite funny and we both found it very interesting.

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