Saturday, 7 April 2012

and it continues....

Yes, the school preparation is still under-way. After the last post I discovered that the ring cards has to have each card with his name on, so add another 200 names to the list!

He also needed new bags, they have to be the same type of fabric and specific sizes so I couldn't recycle his yochien ones. Ebi-kun asked for the knight fabric again, fine my me! If you want some, you can get it here. Of course each bag needs his name and class on it.

From the top, the first bag is for his gym kit, the next one for carry extra stuff to and from school - end of term things not the day to day things. On the bottom, the long one is for his eating utensils, middle one for his toothbrush and cup and the last of for his school lunch clothes.

School lunch clothes, what is that? I hear you cry....

Yes, he has to wear this get up, jacket, hat and mask, I think this is for when they are serving lunch, I'm not sure if he wears it (without the mask) for eating, I will report back on that.

Next up, the earthquake hat, cover for the hat, two brollies - one is left at school and one here, two cleaning rags and a yellow cap.

This is the earthquake hat, it all folds up neatly and goes in the blue quilted cover. That has a strap on it and the kids use it as a chair cushion. Hopefully he will get six years of sitting on it and not having to wear it except for drills.

I forgot to take pics of the final things, sports t-shirt and shorts, and pumps for inside which have to be a specific brand not any old pumps and a bag for the pumps which I have just realized I haven't made yet! Pianica and The School Bag - which deserves it's own post!

We will go through everything today with daddy to double check to make sure we haven't missed any of the squillion items he needs!
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