Friday, 6 April 2012

Easter food Part II....

Back home we have Cadburys cream eggs around Easter time, they are chocolate eggs with a white and yellow fondant in the middle. Yum.

image by princess_of_llyr

Last year I saw a recipe to make them but I didn't have all the ingredients so I never got round to it so this year I was on a mission... I used the instructions here. I should point out that this is most defiantly the unhealthiest thing I have ever made!

I did run into some problems, I haven't got an egg mold so I tried using one for chocolates that was similar to egg shapes, but them I couldn't get the chocolate out of the mold. So, I melted a second batch of chocolate, I haven't quite got the hang of the new oven so I ended up burning the chocolate. Aghh! The next lot of chocolate I did over the pan of hot water and tried putting the fondant on a skewer and dipping it in. That ended in disaster too! Finally I put the fondant on a spoon, rolled it in the chocolate and put them on parchment paper to dry. I also added a bit of lard to the chocolate as recommended in the instructions but then it refused to set.

The fondant was very easy to make, it was just the chocolate I had problems with and the finished items didn't really look like eggs.

I put them in the fridge over night and this helped the shell set and they do taste like the real deal, just sort of flatter versions! I'm not sure I will go to all this effort again but it is great to have a little taste from home!

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