Thursday, 12 April 2012

Oh No!

Ebi-kun had a successful second day at school, got home a bit tired so we watched a film and then I noticed that the spot he had on his neck had reproduced, so it was off with the shirt only to discover several of the little blighters on his front and back.
I suspected chicken pox so bundled him onto the bike and down to the doctors clinic as quick as I could. The doctor confirmed it is chicken pox and ordered a week off school, we have to go back to the doctor in a weeks time to get the all clear.
Ebi-kun was really upset that he would have to miss a week and well, so was I. He hasn't had chance to make any friends yet other than the girl he sits next to because they haven't had any play time so missing a week at the start of the school year is a real bummer.

And so my grand plans of getting back on the work wagon have been scuppered, we will be making use of the Montessori equipment over the next week and probably the Star Wars Craft Book!
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