Monday, 2 April 2012

Weekend Round Up...

This past weekend seemed to fly by. Saturday we had planned to go and watch my Japanese nephew play football in Tokyo, the whole family had travelled up from Osaka so it was a rare chance to meet up with them but I got up in the morning feeling rotten, so the boys went alone. The weather turned out to be awful so I am rather glad I was curled up on the sofa with my felt, needle and thread!

Sunday, we had arranged a playdate with Ebi-kun's best friend for yochien, they will go to different schools so they won't get to see each other very often.

First was a spot of bowling, otherwise known as bouncing, yes that ball is in the air! They played two games and won one each. Nice.

Then we played in the park across the road for a bit until lunch time. We went to Big Boy for lunch, just because it is at the same place, it is the first time we have been and let me say, it is not suitable for a vegetarian, it is basically a hamburg/steak place. After lunch is was more running around at the park...

I forgot to take my camera, I know, call myself a blogger! Luckily I have instragram on my phone *phew*. S-kun really wanted Ebi-kun to go to his house but we could tell his mom was reluctant so we said we didn't need to go but then both boys got upset so she agreed, aghh. So when we arrived there was a lot of panic tidying and trying to find us drinks and snacks.

Now, back home (or in my home) if we have guests I will offer them a choice of what I have got which is usually tea (various types of), coffee or whatever cold drink we have in the fridge at the time. In Japan, you have what you are given and like it and lump it. We were given mugi-cha, (barley tea), I managed a couple of sips, urgh. Luckily, we had already said that we needed to be off by 2.30pm because we had things to do, so we didn't have to watch the poor woman flapping around for too long.

So, this is the last week before Ebi-kun starts school, time certainly does fly fast.

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